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Hostal Central is situated in the heart of Ceuta at Number 15 Paseo deL Revellín, steps from the Plaza de la Constitutión, the Plaza de los Reyes, and the Plaza de África.

Its privileged location puts the inn in easy walking distance to various attractions such as the Ceuta Museum, Las Murallas Reales (the Royal Walls), the Museo de la Basílica Tardorromana (Museum of the late Roman Basilica), Museo de la Legión (Legion Museum), as well as the city´s different monuments and beaches and shopping at the main retail establishments.

The main bus station and taxi stop are less than 100 meters from the inn.  Also nearby is the Parque Marítimo del Mediterráneo (Mediterranean Maritime Park), a 56,000 m2 facility dedicated to swimming, fun, sport and relaxation.

If you are travelling with a car, the closest parking lot is only 50 meters from the hostel.

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